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  • Nailed It

    Vintage 90s Astrology Nails 32 300x169 - Nailed It

    Nail fetishes were another thing I fell into by accident. It seems like a lot of my favourite things are the result of accidents, random chance and the planets aligning.
    I used to be a nail biter, it was a habit I’d developed over years for dealing with anxiety and nerves, and so it was a very hard habit to break.

    Someone suggested I should try acrylics, as they’re harder to break than natural nails and it would give my real nails a chance to finally grow underneath. Finally having pretty nails was addictive, and I kept it up even when the tips grew out and for a long time I had acrylic overlays, although now I use polygel. The length is all natural and all mine but the polygel serves as a strengthening coat to protect them and stop absent minded chewing. read more

  • The Things I’d Like To See

    Lick the Cum from my Toes 25 300x169 - The Things I'd Like To See

    Following on from Domming Whilst Nonbinary, there are some things I’d like to see that would make my time a lot easier and make me and other nonbinary fetishists feel more welcome.

      • More gender options at site sign up – It doesn’t need to be a huge long list, just give us a write in box.           Signing up to a site where the only options are male or female, or even worse male, female or trans like       trans is some mysterious third catch all gender, is honestly the worst. It’s 2021, do better.
        I tend to avoid social networks that don’t offer good gender options on sign up, but there are so many           industry sites I’ve had to sign up to that have poor options and really it needs to change.
      • Better pronoun options. I recently signed up to Smuttify, you can find my profile here. Over all I am really       liking the site, it’s very user friendly, very modern looking, it doesn’t have that “we made this on                     Geocities  in 2001 and never updated” look that a lot of fetish sites have. Gender options on sign up             weren’t terrible, however I discovered that the pronouns default to he/him if you pick a gender option             other than female. Consequently when I changed my profile picture, it appeared in my newsfeed as               “Mxtress Valleycat changed his profile picture”. Defaulting to they/them would make way more sense,            giving us a tick box option would be better, write in pronoun options would be ideal.
      • Inclusive language. This one is for sites, events, dungeons etc. Use inclusive language. I know this is           going to be a startling revelation, but inclusive language, makes people feel included. If you’re running a       femdom night, specify that you’re inclusive of all femdom, that you’re inclusive of trans people, people           outside of the binary, don’t rant that that somehow means “female domination is not allowed” because         that is not what that means at all.
      • read more

  • 20171015 160021 - Domming Whilst Nonbinary Domming Whilst Nonbinary

    20171015 160021 225x300 - Domming Whilst Nonbinary

    Gender is odd sometimes. I have known for a very long time that I am not female, no matter how many people told me otherwise. I knew I wasn’t male either, but for a long time I didn’t have the words to explain who or what I am. In ways I still don’t, nonbinary is an umbrella term for all of us who don’t fit into the gender binary.
    I often find people get a little bit confused when I say I am nonbinary because they expect someone thin and androgynous with a crew cut and a beige wardrobe and it’s fine to be that but that is not who I am. I wear skirts and dresses and I describe myself as femme, because I look and dress in ways that are associated with femininity. Sometimes people find that hard to understand, and that’s ok, you don’t have to understand you just have to respect. There’s an Eddie Izzard quote I’ve liked for years that about nails my relationship with cloth, “They’re not women’s clothes, they’re my clothes I bought them”, to me that’s a perfect explanation. Clothes don’t really have gender, we often associate them with gender, but they don’t inherently have that. read more

  • cum for my feet - All About My Foot Fetish All About My Foot Fetish

    Cum For My Feet 24 300x169 - All About My Foot Fetish

    You know it’s really funny, but I used to hate my feet. You may have noticed but I have quite big feet, I wear a UK 8 / EU 42 / US 10 and it used to be quite hard to get pretty shoes that I liked in my size, I still fairly regularly end up disappointed to find that a shoe line I like ends at the size below mine, but it is a little easier than it used to be thankfully.
    I thought my feet being too big for pretty shoes meant that they were too big to be pretty, and I started to perceive my feet as ugly. I hid them in trainers and very rarely wore sandals or went barefoot, the thought of someone touching them freaked me out. read more

  • Office Bitch Tights Tease 05 - How The Pandemic Changed Things For Me How The Pandemic Changed Things For Me

    Office Bitch Tights Tease 05 300x169 - How The Pandemic Changed Things For Me

    It’s a cliché introduction by now I suppose, but it’s a year now since the pandemic threw a spanner in all of my plans.
    I had such dreams last year of travelling around the country and shooting lots of content with other creators, I’d started making more collaborative clips in 2019 and had big plans to do more and then instead, got trapped at home.
    Oddly despite this, I think I’ve actually ended up making some of my best content this year strangely enough, instead of travelling I’ve become more experimental with POV clips, and as a result I’ve explored new fetishes and found new fans for it, to you I say thank you for the support and for helping me find fun new fetishes. read more

  • tarot4 - Kinky Tarot Reading - Hallowe'en Season Special. Kinky Tarot Reading – Hallowe’en Season Special.

    tarot3 300x169 - Kinky Tarot Reading - Hallowe'en Season Special.
    Shuffle the decks – what does the future have in store for you?

    Exciting news everybody.   I recently found my tarot cards.  These are something I learned to read many years ago.  I did a little reading for a clip which will be released in October and the magic is still there.

    Upon thinking about this, as we are approaching Hallowe’en season, I decided that for a short period of time I would offer Kinky Tarot Reading.

    Up until October 31st you will be able to get a reading from me for just £5 ($6.50). For this, I will do you a 3 card reading, dictating your kinky past, present and future.  I will make this into a short video and send it to you, personalised, for your eyes only. read more

  • buttplugs - Is Your Buttplug Trying To Poison You? Is Your Buttplug Trying To Poison You?

    buttplugs 300x119 - Is Your Buttplug Trying To Poison You?

    I’ve noticed a lot more Aliexpress reselling going on recently and it has me kind of worried as 99% of said re-sellers don’t mention that they’re re-sellers (well duh! Why would they tell you that when you could just quite easily then go buy that £30 crop for £2.50 with free shipping?), and more importantly what said items are made from.

    I did have a big post written out, but then I found this and it’s better written and more detailed so why invent the wheel?

    TL;dr please make damn sure you know what you’re putting in your body. read more

  • 20171202 190314 - Competition : 12 Slave Tasks of Christmas - starts Christmas Day Competition : 12 Slave Tasks of Christmas – starts Christmas Day

    Hello everyone

    I wanted to tell you about a special festive game I am running this year.
    Entitled the 12 Slave Tasks of Christmas, each day between December 25th and January 5th I will be releasing a clip in my stores on iWantClips, and Clips4Sale

    In each clip I will take a dip into my Santa sack to pull out an item – and will use that item to create a task for you.

  • The Bisexual Leaflets – Memoirs of a Mystery Shopper

    When I was a teenager (much like now actually) I would pretty much do anything for a laugh, which is basically how I ended up mystery shopping sexual health clinics.

    Mystery Shopping is basically when a company wants to make sure everything is running smoothly with their company without just sending the boss around and everybody being on their best behaviour, they send some random in who checks things out and then gets something free (in this case I got condoms and lube, yay paaaaaarty! Hahaha seriously though I was single at the time and I think most of the condoms went out of date before I started going out with anybody who could use them), and/ or is traumatised out of ever mystery shopping again (as happened to a guy I knew who was also mystery shopping sexual health clinics). read more