Competition : 12 Slave Tasks of Christmas – starts Christmas Day

Hello everyone

I wanted to tell you about a special festive game I am running this year.
Entitled the 12 Slave Tasks of Christmas, each day between December 25th and January 5th I will be releasing a clip in my stores on iWantClips, and Clips4Sale

In each clip I will take a dip into my Santa sack to pull out an item – and will use that item to create a task for you.

Whilst I’m sure you won’t need much encouragement, I also wanted to make it a little bit of a challenge.

So, you can earn points for every clip you purchase and challenge you complete – with bonus points awarded at my discretion.

And what do points make…

Anyone who joins the game is in with a chance of winning a prize as I’m running a prize draw with assorted goodies.

Every task to be drawn will be available to be played regardless of your sex or gender. I wanted this to be open to all.
There are games in here that are a mixed bag, some pain, some humiliation, some a little sexual. But all legal and all you should safely be able to do at home with household objects.

So, scoring.

Purchasing a clip = 1 point per clip.
Sending me evidence of completed task = 1 point
If evidence is returned on the release date of the clip = 1 point
If I am suitably happy with the evidence = 1 point
Going the extra mile = 1 point

So, a solitary clip purchase is worth up to 5 points.

By “going the extra mile” I mean going out really to impress.

It may be that you get a task and do not wish to do it, there is no penalty for failed tasks in this game – you still get your point for the purchase.

You can also purchase extra points using the ‘tribute’ button on my website. This is priced at $5 a point, or 5 for $20.

1 point = 1 entry ticket.

So, the prizes…

1st Prize
A choice of….

My well worn stockings – these have done quite a few clips and have certainly had better days : I didn’t wash them after last use and happy to do an extra day wear into them if requested
A 10 minute custom clip
10 extra slave tasks
Two thirty minute kik sessions
A choice of 5 clips or photo sets plus I will send you an extra 2 unreleased clips of my choice.

2nd Prize
A choice of…..
5 minute custom clip
A pair of worn socks (3 day wear)
Your choice of 3 clips or photo sets plus one unreleased clip of my choice
5 slave tasks
30 minute kik session

3x runners up prizes
a choice of….
1 clip of their choice + 1 unreleased clip of mine
30 minute kik session
2 slave tasks


OK, so the only thing left is a run down of the rules. We’ll include some of these with each video that goes up.


The competition begins on December 25th, when the first clip is released, and points will be converted to prizes and entry tickets on January 10th 2018 (to help latecomers send their evidence or take part)


Clips purchased from clips4sale, clipsfatal and iWantClips are all eligable (click the links for direct links to my stores there) clips will be published at 5am GMT (Midnights Eastern Time) each day so should be there for you getting up for C4S and IWC customers. May be slightly later for Clipsfatal customers.
Send me your receipt to and I will validate against my sales records.


You can send me evidence of completed tasks via Kik or via email to
If sent the same day as the task was released, you score a bonus point – but, just for returning any time you earn points.


1 point = one draw ticket
Whilst there is no limit on the number of draw tickets you have, there will be a maximum of 1 prize per entrant


If you claim a custom, the content must be agreed with myself and I do have a right of refusal.
Customs can be with slave or POV. If with slave I get pick of the slave to use depending on the activity.
General common sense must be applied when selecting the kinks/ideas/scripts for the custom and there should be nothing that incurs additional cost for myself above standard venue hire.
Customs will be single camera and be filmed by the end of February.
Customs will be given 3 months exclusivity to the winner before placed on general sale, there is no right to resell or distribute customs.


The stockings are well worn, they contain ladder, they’re worn and a bit smelly.
So, they are a slightly unique item for this contest.
You can request a choice of an extra day wear, or, have my husband cum on them, depending on what you’re into.
There is no extra cost for this.


Selecting socks – I reserve the right to choose between wearing a pair I already own and sending to you, or buying a pair specially – to give a couple of days love and wear before sending on.


There are NO geographical restrictions for the socks/stockings prizes in this instance.


General rules on consent and respect apply. In the event of you becoming rude, aggressive or pushy towards your prize I reserve the right to disqualify without compensation.


If you wish to upgrade a prize (i.e. turn a 30 minute kik session into 60, add extra days wear into socks, extra slave tasks, etc) then this can be arranged at a special rate, please let me know.


No alternatives to the above will be offered


My decisions are final.

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