All About My Foot Fetish

Cum For My Feet 24 300x169 - All About My Foot Fetish

You know it’s really funny, but I used to hate my feet. You may have noticed but I have quite big feet, I wear a UK 8 / EU 42 / US 10 and it used to be quite hard to get pretty shoes that I liked in my size, I still fairly regularly end up disappointed to find that a shoe line I like ends at the size below mine, but it is a little easier than it used to be thankfully.
I thought my feet being too big for pretty shoes meant that they were too big to be pretty, and I started to perceive my feet as ugly. I hid them in trainers and very rarely wore sandals or went barefoot, the thought of someone touching them freaked me out.

It’s quite amusing now that one of the things I’m most known for now is my giant feet, which have previously been such a stumbling block for me but a combination of meeting someone who adores my feet and discovering that there is nothing quite as relaxing as having my feet rubbed at the end of a long day in high heels changed my mind.

Up Close and Personal with Mxtress Feet 22 300x169 - All About My Foot Fetish
I still didn’t think when I first started making clips that my feet would get me anywhere though. It seemed that Foot fetish was a very over subscribed category and more than that it seemed that everybody popular in that section had dainty little feet, I didn’t think there’d be room for my huge pies.
Yet one of my early runaway successes was a poorly lit clip that was recorded on a whim, in a hotel room after I had been walking all day and my ankles swelled up.
I soon learned that for all the dainty little feet around, some of you really like bigger feet, and those can be hard to find, because much like in my case bigger footed femmes (I notice it seems to be the reverse for masc performers), have been made to feel that our big feet are ugly or unseemly for our whole lives, and so we hide them away. It was strangely empowering to realise that, actually my feet are beautiful, and even though a lot of shoe manufacturers haven’t yet caught on, I deserve all of the pretty shoes, and then all of the relaxing foot rubs. It gives me such a self esteem boost to realise that a part
of me I found so ugly for so long, is longed to be worshipped by so many of you.
Now I am at peace with my beautiful feet.
Take a look yourself and see why I learned to love them:

big feet ignore 300x169 - All About My Foot Fetish
Big Feet Ignore

No frills and no unnecessary talking! You just get to take in the beauty of my big feet while I play with my phone!

cum for my feet 300x169 - All About My Foot Fetish
Cum For My Feet

A gothic, JOI clip that’s all about my fabulous feet, I know you can’t resist them…

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