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  • cagedforritual - The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year! The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

    The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

    This year has been a strange one for a lot of us, all of our plans have gone to pot so to speak and nothing has quite gone as planned.
    Hopefully things will start to look up soon, but personally I (and by default you) am still looking forward to spooky season.
    Halloween is my most favourite time of the year, I find it a very fun time but also a very inspiring time and    as those of you who have followed me for a while
    will know over October I post one clip every single day for the whole month!
    I have plenty of tricks and treats in store for you this year and I am so excited to share them.
    Below are a few stills I have picked out from upcoming clips:

    fleshpuppet 300x169 - The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!witchinfishnet 300x169 - The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!cagedforritual 300x169 - The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!concubuschastity 300x169 - The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

    These and many more will be appearing from the ether on Femmedom.club, iwantvalleycat.com, MxtressValleycat.manyvids.com and all of my other platforms in
    the next 31 days and I am sure you will find something to take your mind off the rest of this year and enjoy

  • mabon2 - Weekly Clip Round Up September 21st - 27th 2020 Weekly Clip Round Up September 21st – 27th 2020

    Coming this week to my clipstores:
    and all of my other platforms!

    September 21st -Mabon Worship 
    mabon2 300x169 - Weekly Clip Round Up September 21st - 27th 2020
    Worship your favourite Goddess in celebration of this spoke on the Witches’ Wheel of Seasons

    September 22nd – A Pint With A Creamy Head

    creamyhead2 300x169 - Weekly Clip Round Up September 21st - 27th 2020

    Non-gendered Jerk Off Instructions for anybody with the means to pull a refreshing pint on a hot day!

    September 24th – Making You Obsessed With Me

    obsessedwithme 300x169 - Weekly Clip Round Up September 21st - 27th 2020

    Just listen to the sound of my voice as I mesmerise you with my hypnotic tones

    September 25th – Your Wife’s Best Friend

    wifes friend 1 300x169 - Weekly Clip Round Up September 21st - 27th 2020

    I’ve seen you lusting after me over the mashed potatoes, what do you think my best friend, your wife would say if I told her?

    September 26th – Hand Licking

    handlicking2 300x169 - Weekly Clip Round Up September 21st - 27th 2020
    Building your obsession with my long, spindly fingers…

    While you wait for your favourite to go live, I think you’ll like these clips too:

    Kiss My Fat Nonbinary Arse

    20171015 160024 225x300 - Weekly Clip Round Up September 21st - 27th 2020


    I know you love my beautiful big bum. Why don’t you get a little closer, give it a kiss. You’d love to, I know it.

    Jerk Off Punishment For Perv
    119898964 4603514133055504 5672818387320520383 n 300x169 - Weekly Clip Round Up September 21st - 27th 2020

    You’ve been spending time looking through social media looking for photos of pretty Goths to masturbate over, but you filthy perv, these aren’t people who consented! But, I’ve caught you – and I’m going to punish you.

    Mesmerised Into Buying Me Boots
    119966538 654826135450515 855827638801023273 n 300x169 - Weekly Clip Round Up September 21st - 27th 2020

    I’d like some new boots – I can never have enough boots… by the end of the clip you will want to buy me some.

  • dahliadoubletwitteroptimised - Doubles Day with Princess Dahlia Doubles Day with Princess Dahlia

    dahliadoubles 220x300 - Doubles Day with Princess DahliaBig news everyone.   February 18th I’m going to be part of a special day of Domination with my good friend Princess Dahlia

    This will take place in her premises in Hartlepool.

    We will be bringing together our joint forces, it’s an exciting (and rare!) opportunity to serve two big beautiful Goddesses.

    We will consider a range of fetishes and interested including, but not limited to; foot worship, corporal punishment, tease and denial, shoe/boot worship, tickling,  wax play, CBT, bondage….

    Because this a day we have planned together, we are doing this at a special tribute rate.  Please get in touch for more information.
    A minimum booking of 1 hour is required for this and a deposit is essential.

    Princess Dahlia and I await your attendance.

    Apply to me at : worshipme@mxtressvalleycat.com or use my contact form

  • 75302646 2516632375059215 8936392432489070592 n 1 - Filming with Foxtress : Subs wanted Filming with Foxtress : Subs wanted

    75302646 2516632375059215 8936392432489070592 n 300x300 - Filming with Foxtress : Subs wanted

    Big news everyone.   December 13th I’m coming to London for a filming day with the wonderful Foxtress.

    I’m really looking forward to filming with Foxtress – we met earlier this year and had a great time.  We bounce off together really well and subs are sure to have a great time.

    We have availability for filming subs to apply for consideration of being part of the day.

    I know many subs have been asking to film with me – and here is a chance – and – Foxtress is amazing, so this is a real treat.

    A wide range of fetishes will be considered on the day.  You may also have the choice of wearing a mask should you require.

    If you wish to be considered please send a respectful email to Foxtress introducing yourself and stating your key interests and limits along with availability on the day.

    The tribute is £100 (unmasked) or £150 (if you wish to be masked)

    She can be contacted at : the-foxtress@outlook.com

  • 10pctlandscape - 10% off at Clips4Sale 10% off at Clips4Sale

    10pct 200x300 - 10% off at Clips4SaleWell – I come baring some great news.

    Clips4Sale have a site-wide initiative at the moment which means using their referral code you can receive 10% off your clip order when using the advanced search.

    I really like the advanced search – it’s a much easier way to find the type of content you want.

    The offer runs until April 20th and is applicable to any store.

    To make your life easier – I’ve embedded the referral code into my domain – so all you have to do is visit femmedom.club 

    C4S has had many initiatives for store owners, but this one is solely for those buying clips – what I get out of it is more people get to enjoy my clips a little cheaper – so, if you’ve sat on the fence or not been able to afford some – now is you chance.

    I have LOTS of new content and more coming VERY soon – I’m currently uploading 3 clips per week across a number of themes.  Coming very soon is some double-domme clips and some more with different subs, as well as POVs.

    So. Check out the store and enjoy.

  • flyer 2 orig - I'm House Dominant and Play L8 I’m House Dominant and Play L8

    flyer 2 orig 300x212 - I'm House Dominant and Play L8

    Play L8 is a new fetish event in Newcastle, launching on 13th October at Shhh Club in Base.

    It’s organised by the team who also organise Liber8, which is one of my favourite fetish events.  (I had a great time last month with a line of bums to beat).


    Now, Liber8 is more of your fetish party, it’s about the music and the dress – and there is of course play.  But it’s a fetish party.

    Play L8 will be more play orientated.  More dedicated play spaces, more relax on the rules on what play is allowed. Music down lower.  You get the vibe.

    Anyway.  I will be one of the House Dominants.

    Tickets are available from the Liber8 website.

    If you have a ticket you may also use the contact page on the Liber8 website to arrange time with either myself or one of the other House Dominants (Ms Xena, Ms Noble Hart, Terror Twin or TomKat)

    However you must have a ticket and slots must be arranged in advance.  They’re already filling up!

    I won’t be offering everything I do in a session – but I’ll certainly give you a bit of a beating!

    There’s also a bit more info on what is on offer from the Fetlife Thread.

  • doubles - Newcastle Sessions : Oct 14-18 with Penny Banks Newcastle Sessions : Oct 14-18 with Penny Banks

    doubles 300x212 - Newcastle Sessions : Oct 14-18 with Penny Banks

    I’m pleased to announce I will be offering sessions in a Central location of Newcastle during October 14-18.

    But, there’s more.  I’ll also be with a friend.    The wonderful Penny Banks is touring at the moment and so she is also available for solo sessions… or duos with me.

    Penny is able to offer a range of sessions : whilst Splosh isn’t my bag I know it’s popular and so this is a good chance for a Splosh in Newcastle.   She’s also available for a range of BDSM and fetish bookings, alongside escort also.

    Myself, well, I hope you’d know what I can offer!  All manner and ranges of Domination, BDSM, Foot Fetish – and hey, I can even be available for Cash Point Meets.

    As well as being available for sessions; we will also be filming – we’re not certain if filming slaves will be required – but, if you’ve any customs you’d like to book in – get them in!

    We’re also both offering special rates for this tour – contact either of us to book.  Booking Form.

    Contact Me

    Contact Penny


  • tarot4 - Kinky Tarot Reading - Hallowe'en Season Special. Kinky Tarot Reading – Hallowe’en Season Special.


    tarot3 300x169 - Kinky Tarot Reading - Hallowe'en Season Special.
    Shuffle the decks – what does the future have in store for you?

    Exciting news everybody.   I recently found my tarot cards.  These are something I learned to read many years ago.  I did a little reading for a clip which will be released in October and the magic is still there.

    Upon thinking about this, as we are approaching Hallowe’en season, I decided that for a short period of time I would offer Kinky Tarot Reading.

    Up until October 31st you will be able to get a reading from me for just £5 ($6.50). For this, I will do you a 3 card reading, dictating your kinky past, present and future.  I will make this into a short video and send it to you, personalised, for your eyes only.

    If I continue to offer this beyond October it will not be so cheap – so if you’re interested; take advantage now!

    To order – you can go to my ManyVids store – or you can use the tribute buttons to the right of your screen.   Once the purchase is made, do feel free to drop me a line about your order.  Other payment methods are available.

    Please note – the reading is for entertainment purposes only.


  • August Clip Round Up

    Well, August has been another full month of clips – and as usual you can pick these up from our Clips4Sale , iWantClips or ManyVids – just check the channel you prefer.

    September also looks pretty jam packed for updates – I’m keeping up my commitment to have updates on a Tuesday and Thursday every week, as well as a ‘Foot Fetish Friday’ at least once per month.

    This month there was a lot of bondage clips.

    In case you missed any of the August updates – here’s a full round up…

    yourwife 300x169 - August Clip Round UpYour Wife Says I’m Better Than You

    pay2bmesmorised 300x169 - August Clip Round UpLink

    You want me to cheat on your wife with you… so… your wife cheats on you, with me.

    You Pay to Be Mesmorised

    You are simply mesmorised by my vape… I’m going to have you pay more and more for it.

    Giantess Taunts and Teases Yougiantess4 300x169 - August Clip Round Up
    Linkhelpless 300x169 - August Clip Round Up

    You want to kiss and worship my beautiful body – but I’m just going to taunt and tease you.

    Helpless to Save Your Balls


    Bound in a strait jacket – balls on display : nothing you can do to protect as I kick….

    gift of chastity 300x169 - August Clip Round UpA Little Gift of Chastity
    Linkescape vape 300x169 - August Clip Round Up

    I’ve a present for you… chastity!  Why, keeping you locked up will help you be productive.

    You Can’t Escape My Vape

    Still bound in the jacket… well, there’s no escaping as I mock you with vape.


    Strait Jacket and Foot Worshipstraitfeet3 300x169 - August Clip Round Up
    Linkbreakfast2 300x169 - August Clip Round Up

    OK, time for some foot worship – but on my terms.  You’re bound and restrained so under my command.

    Breakfast in Bed

    An extended ASMR clip as I go through some morning sounds – nice and long.


    arse treat 300x169 - August Clip Round UpAss Worship Treat
    Linkkness4feet1 300x169 - August Clip Round Up

    As a reward for doing a good job, my restrained slave may worship my bum. Not that he’s a choice…

    On Your Knees for My Feet

    Kneel. Get in position.  Bottom of the bed.  It’s time to service my feet in this POV.