Unfortunately, at time of writing, I do not have a premise to run regular sessions from.  I am optimistic this will change in the future and there are plans afoot for tours and joint sessions.  I’m also not available for hotel bookings or calls to your residence.

However.  There are quite a few options for you to be able to enjoy my time in person.

Please use my booking form to request a session.

Cash Point Meets

These take place at my discretion and presently limited to Sunderland or Newcastle City Centres – unless I otherwise advertise on Twitter

Dinner Dates (formal/non-formal)

Up to 2 hours in my company at an eating establishment of my choice.  This can be non-formal, for example meeting for Pizza, Coffee, Ice Cream, so on.   Or somewhere a bit more upmarket.

My required tribute for these is £50 for non-formal (paid up front), £100 for formal (50% deposit).  You will also be required to pay for both of our meals and drinks (and tip the server) and whilst budgets can be agreed I would imagine you’ll require at least £50 for non-formal or £100 for formal.

We will involve some elements of public play within this around our interests and limits.  Options can include, but not limited to; General Servitude, Humiliation, Me ordering on your behalf, discreet toys or games, foot rubs or kissing my feet good night.

Unless I’m on tour this is limited to Newcastle or Sunderland : however locations further away are considered if my additional expenses are covered.


I love shopping and you may take me on a trip.

Your budget will be respected, however a minimum budget of £100 is recommended.  We can incorporate public play around our interests and limits.  We can agree a time limit, otherwise we keep going until I’ve spent enough.

A £50 deposit is required for this, however for generous spenders I will treat you to a light lunch, with a little more play, at the end.

Presently limited to Newcastle or the Metrocentre : however locations further away are considered if my additional expenses are covered – and there’s somewhere worth going shopping!

Nights Out

Occasionally I’ll be at a gig or music night and just lacking in someone to keep me in drinks and foot rests. This is usually in a vanilla setting – this only applies to things I would be at anyway.  I would prefer things agreed  up front, but, if you ever see me socially – then I’ll rarely say no to a drink.

Club Play

Details of clubs or events I will be attending are present on my events tab.  If you wish to simply do some form of play as part of the night, please contact me to discuss.  Please note – while it may be possible to arrange on the night, I am a responsible player so will not engage in impact play after more than a couple of drinks.  I also may not have desired toys with me.  This excludes nights where I am a house Dominant as obviously I’ll be in clear mind and well prepared as I’ll be working.

Tribute may be applicable. Contact me to discuss.

Accompany me to a club

While club play can be fun. Literally with the above option you get pretty much a “hello” and a little of play and it still ultimately comes down to my discretion, equipment availability, so on.  There’s a little bit more feel to it when you accompany me and of course more options for play as well as more options to be sociable. (Providing I don’t just have you stand in the corner until needed, who knows?).

You will be accompanying me to the club.  I will keep you with me, possibly on a lead or in other close proximity – or, maybe to stand in the corner until I need you.  You will keep me in drinks throughout the night. I will ensure we do some play together around our interests.

I will relieve you of duties so you can enjoy some of, or the rest of, the night (and so I can have some peace 😉 ).

There are a lot of possibilities we can do around this, whether it’s CP, humiliation, foot play, servitude, or more.

It is however, important you understand basic protocol.  I may also be with other subs (max 3).  I may also be meeting a lot of friends.  Your role in this is to help me have a good night. I am not super-strict (unless this is what you really want) but it is important your needs come behind my enjoyment.

The requirements for this is : £100 tribute* (50% deposit). The cost of my ticket (or donation to charity should I already have one) up front. My drinks for the night (if I’m with multiple subs then you can take turns).  If this is a club out of my city and one I was not otherwise attending, a contribution towards travel and accommodation may be required. (*if you are one of my loyal/regular subs – this tribute may be reduced or waived at my discretion)

As an example of what you may receive; 90 minutes in my company (or ignored) and we do at least 2 kink activities in the time.  Either continuous or throughout the night.  Perhaps it might be more exciting you are seemingly free to do as you wish, but at any time I could need you…

Contact Me

For any of the above, feel free to contact me to discuss. Please note, we should aim to get from enquiry to booking within 3-5 emails. Any detail of “what we will do” will not be discussed without a deposit.

Bad Behaviour

Bad behaviour includes breaking my consent, inappropriate behaviour towards others or not taking no for an answer. In the unlikely event you breach these, I reserve the right to end the arrangement early and no monies will be refunded.

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