Frequently Asked Questions

]Can’t you spell? It should be “Mistress” and “Femdom”

I can spell just fine thank you. I am non-binary (click here if you’ve not encountered this term before), but I usually present a femme appearance (“femme” being a look or feeling usually associated with femininity), “Mx” is the term I use instead of “Mr” or “Mrs” on my bills and bank statements and so “Mxtress” seemed like the best and most comfortable honorific for me.

How do you pronounce Mxtress/ Femmedom?

Mix-tress and Fem-dom.

What’s in your pants?


Do you do meets/ irl?

There are some information on what I am offering on my sessions page.

How do I find which events You will be attending?

Please see the events tab for events I am planning on attending. Please note that in most cases I am not an organiser so please don’t try to beg free tickets, and please don’t do that to the actual organisers either.

How do I contact you for online play?

All of the ways you can contact me are neatly listed over on the contact me page.

What do you offer in online play?

Most of the time I like to role-play sessions in Adultwork’s DirectIM client. As things are currently set up you get five minutes of free chat before you have to either pay for group or private to continue. The five minutes of free is an ideal time to tell me your fetishes and limits so I can construct a scenario, please keep in mind that I also have my own limits that I won’t cross, not even whilst roleplaying. If you’re not a fan of roleplay, I’m also quite happy to talk about kinks and fetishes there, and give advice if you’re new and just starting to explore.

Will you session with me in X hotel?

When I was fairly new to the fetish scene I tried to play in a hotel, it turned out the walls were rather thinner than either of us had imagined and someone thought there was some kind of domestic abuse situation going on and informed the staff, who knocked on the door to make sure I was all right. This was a pretty awkward incident for all involved and for this reason I don’t offer sessions in hotels.

Is that a wedding ring?

Yes, I am married, my husband knows what I do, in fact he helped me build this website, round of applause for my husband!

I am married, will you blackmail me and tell my spouse if I don’t pay?

No. Blackmail is a very risky fetish to provide for and can be a legal nightmare, your spouse is most likely an un-consenting party and I’m not interested in involving someone in a scenario who hasn’t consented to it, as well as that I just don’t find blackmail appealing.

What are your major interests?

Ropes, corsets and electro play.

What about hard limits?

Blood, scat and cheapskates that just want free shit.

Will you Findom me?

Send a decent sized tribute (see my sidebar for the handy dandy widget) and we’ll talk.

Can I be your filming sub?

There might be opportunities for filming subs come up from time to time, please keep an eye on the blog page for details. I would advise buying a few of my clips first before deciding to apply so you can get an idea of my play style.

I have a cool idea for a clip, would you do it?

It would depend on what the cool idea is really.
I can offer customs via ManyVids – or iWantClips : You can read more about customs here.
Please keep in mind that I will not do anything I feel might cross my own limits, or anything that is against the terms of the website, but also that I have my own favourites and preferences and will naturally be more likely to film something I personally find interesting. Please also consider your budget and whether or not you would like the clip to be just for your private collection, or if I may upload it to my clip store as well.

Will you send me free clips/ videos/ audio?

Short answer: No
Long answer: NOOOOOOOOOOO!
Do you ask bar staff for free drinks? Then don’t ask me for freebies either.

Do You require a gift?
Gifts are not usually a requirement for online play, but if you appreciated a session or enjoyed a clip or photoset you bought from me and want to send a gift, please see my wishlist in the wishlist tab for my current gift lists.

Will you add me on Skype/ Kik/ Snapchat?

I don’t use Skype or Snapchat currently, I am experimenting with Kik currently and may at some point start accepting new followers (see blog for details), but this will not be a free service.

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