The Things I’d Like To See

Lick the Cum from my Toes 25 300x169 - The Things I'd Like To See

Following on from Domming Whilst Nonbinary, there are some things I’d like to see that would make my time a lot easier and make me and other nonbinary fetishists feel more welcome.

      • More gender options at site sign up – It doesn’t need to be a huge long list, just give us a write in box.           Signing up to a site where the only options are male or female, or even worse male, female or trans like       trans is some mysterious third catch all gender, is honestly the worst. It’s 2021, do better.
        I tend to avoid social networks that don’t offer good gender options on sign up, but there are so many           industry sites I’ve had to sign up to that have poor options and really it needs to change.
      • Better pronoun options. I recently signed up to Smuttify, you can find my profile here. Over all I am really       liking the site, it’s very user friendly, very modern looking, it doesn’t have that “we made this on                     Geocities  in 2001 and never updated” look that a lot of fetish sites have. Gender options on sign up             weren’t terrible, however I discovered that the pronouns default to he/him if you pick a gender option             other than female. Consequently when I changed my profile picture, it appeared in my newsfeed as               “Mxtress Valleycat changed his profile picture”. Defaulting to they/them would make way more sense,            giving us a tick box option would be better, write in pronoun options would be ideal.
      • Inclusive language. This one is for sites, events, dungeons etc. Use inclusive language. I know this is           going to be a startling revelation, but inclusive language, makes people feel included. If you’re running a       femdom night, specify that you’re inclusive of all femdom, that you’re inclusive of trans people, people           outside of the binary, don’t rant that that somehow means “female domination is not allowed” because         that is not what that means at all.
  • Diversity in advertising. The era of slim white cis women on every piece of advertising is over. This isn’t  to say                   slim white cis women can’t ever be in the adverting, just that they shouldn’t be on every piece.  There are people of           every race, gender, sexuality, ability, legal age in the fetish scene, show them  celebrate them.

Often it’s small changes, nothing here is hard work it’s just about being conscious of inclusivity really.