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    Vintage 90s Astrology Nails 32 300x169 - Nailed It

    Nail fetishes were another thing I fell into by accident. It seems like a lot of my favourite things are the result of accidents, random chance and the planets aligning.
    I used to be a nail biter, it was a habit I’d developed over years for dealing with anxiety and nerves, and so it was a very hard habit to break.

    Someone suggested I should try acrylics, as they’re harder to break than natural nails and it would give my real nails a chance to finally grow underneath. Finally having pretty nails was addictive, and I kept it up even when the tips grew out and for a long time I had acrylic overlays, although now I use polygel. The length is all natural and all mine but the polygel serves as a strengthening coat to protect them and stop absent minded chewing.

    Crushed in My Hell Loop 40 300x169 - Nailed It

    Of course they aren’t just there to be pretty any more, they have lots of uses in a fetish context now. Of course there is the obvious that they can be used for scratching, from the gentle kind to the mean and nasty cat scratches that last for days they also have their use for tickling.
    I know those of you who get ASMR head tingles, love the sound of my nails tapping against various surfaces, and while ASMR isn’t really a fetish of mine I do find it really fun to make and I am always glad to hear my enjoyment is appreciated.
    I know too that for some of you my nails are goals, and I hope that some day you too can have long, beautiful nails decorated up just how you’d like them to be.

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