About Me

I’m a Professional Dominatrix (Pro-Domme) located near Newcastle and Sunderland.

Unapologetic non-binary Femmedom. My preferred honorific is Mxtress (pronounced Mix-stress) rather than Mistress.

A Giantess and Big Beautiful Goddess. 5 foot 10 (178 cm). Feet size 8 (UK) 10 (US) 42 (EU). 17 stone (238lb, 108kg)

My favourite things are electroplay, ropes, corsets and shoes… and CBT.

I’m friendly and kind, but don’t let that lead you into a false sense of security – I can subtly Dominate you – publically humiliate you and crush your pathetic balls under my giant feet and make you lick the ball sweat from them for the privilege.

Whilst I’m not a Findom, I can gladly ruin your wallet at the same time.

My love of electroplay mostly centres around Violet Wands, although I do find other electro devices such as TENS a lot of fun, I enjoy shibari and other rope arts, likely because I am bit of an artist in my spare time and so this is just another art form for me, like crochet but on a larger scale! I have worn corsets for the last decade and tightlaced for the last few years, this has had very interesting effects on my body shape, even whilst not wearing a corset. Shoes are an obsession of mine, little works of art you wear on your feet, I’ll go into more detail on my blog.

I make fetish videos and photo sets as well as chatting online and blogging about my fet filled life and hobbies

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