• Nailed It

    Vintage 90s Astrology Nails 32 300x169 - Nailed It

    Nail fetishes were another thing I fell into by accident. It seems like a lot of my favourite things are the result of accidents, random chance and the planets aligning.
    I used to be a nail biter, it was a habit I’d developed over years for dealing with anxiety and nerves, and so it was a very hard habit to break.

    Someone suggested I should try acrylics, as they’re harder to break than natural nails and it would give my real nails a chance to finally grow underneath. Finally having pretty nails was addictive, and I kept it up even when the tips grew out and for a long time I had acrylic overlays, although now I use polygel. The length is all natural and all mine but the polygel serves as a strengthening coat to protect them and stop absent minded chewing.

    Crushed in My Hell Loop 40 300x169 - Nailed It

    Of course they aren’t just there to be pretty any more, they have lots of uses in a fetish context now. Of course there is the obvious that they can be used for scratching, from the gentle kind to the mean and nasty cat scratches that last for days they also have their use for tickling.
    I know those of you who get ASMR head tingles, love the sound of my nails tapping against various surfaces, and while ASMR isn’t really a fetish of mine I do find it really fun to make and I am always glad to hear my enjoyment is appreciated.
    I know too that for some of you my nails are goals, and I hope that some day you too can have long, beautiful nails decorated up just how you’d like them to be.

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    head tingles 300x169 - Nailed It
    Head Tingles – A long nailed ASMR clip designed to give you well… Head tingles!

    vintage 90s astrology nails 300x169 - Nailed It
    Vintage 90’s Astrology Nails – A clip where I showed off some nail art inspired by the wallpaper in my old bedroom.

    sensual scratching 300x169 - Nailed It
    Sensual Scratching – In which I really put my long nails to use!

  • The Things I’d Like To See

    Lick the Cum from my Toes 25 300x169 - The Things I'd Like To See

    Following on from Domming Whilst Nonbinary, there are some things I’d like to see that would make my time a lot easier and make me and other nonbinary fetishists feel more welcome.

        • More gender options at site sign up – It doesn’t need to be a huge long list, just give us a write in box.           Signing up to a site where the only options are male or female, or even worse male, female or trans like       trans is some mysterious third catch all gender, is honestly the worst. It’s 2021, do better.
          I tend to avoid social networks that don’t offer good gender options on sign up, but there are so many           industry sites I’ve had to sign up to that have poor options and really it needs to change.
        • Better pronoun options. I recently signed up to Smuttify, you can find my profile here. Over all I am really       liking the site, it’s very user friendly, very modern looking, it doesn’t have that “we made this on                     Geocities  in 2001 and never updated” look that a lot of fetish sites have. Gender options on sign up             weren’t terrible, however I discovered that the pronouns default to he/him if you pick a gender option             other than female. Consequently when I changed my profile picture, it appeared in my newsfeed as               “Mxtress Valleycat changed his profile picture”. Defaulting to they/them would make way more sense,            giving us a tick box option would be better, write in pronoun options would be ideal.
        • Inclusive language. This one is for sites, events, dungeons etc. Use inclusive language. I know this is           going to be a startling revelation, but inclusive language, makes people feel included. If you’re running a       femdom night, specify that you’re inclusive of all femdom, that you’re inclusive of trans people, people           outside of the binary, don’t rant that that somehow means “female domination is not allowed” because         that is not what that means at all.
    • Diversity in advertising. The era of slim white cis women on every piece of advertising is over. This isn’t  to say                   slim white cis women can’t ever be in the adverting, just that they shouldn’t be on every piece.  There are people of           every race, gender, sexuality, ability, legal age in the fetish scene, show them  celebrate them.

    Often it’s small changes, nothing here is hard work it’s just about being conscious of inclusivity really.

  • 20171015 160021 - Domming Whilst Nonbinary Domming Whilst Nonbinary

    20171015 160021 225x300 - Domming Whilst Nonbinary

    Gender is odd sometimes. I have known for a very long time that I am not female, no matter how many people told me otherwise. I knew I wasn’t male either, but for a long time I didn’t have the words to explain who or what I am. In ways I still don’t, nonbinary is an umbrella term for all of us who don’t fit into the gender binary.
    I often find people get a little bit confused when I say I am nonbinary because they expect someone thin and androgynous with a crew cut and a beige wardrobe and it’s fine to be that but that is not who I am. I wear skirts and dresses and I describe myself as femme, because I look and dress in ways that are associated with femininity. Sometimes people find that hard to understand, and that’s ok, you don’t have to understand you just have to respect. There’s an Eddie Izzard quote I’ve liked for years that about nails my relationship with cloth, “They’re not women’s clothes, they’re my clothes I bought them”, to me that’s a perfect explanation. Clothes don’t really have gender, we often associate them with gender, but they don’t inherently have that.

    Buy My Birthday Boob Bling 22 300x169 - Domming Whilst Nonbinary
    As long as you respect my identity, and use the correct pronouns (they /them) and tittle (Mxtress) then that is all that really matters to me, if you want to understand then that’s even better, allow me to point you at some resources and articles about gender and how it’s more wibbly wobbly that we’ve been lead to believe, but as long as I am shown my due respect, then that is what matters to me.

    This one is a few years old now, and I’d suggest you look up the updated version that delves into how the scientific understanding of biological sex has changed in recent years, this is still a pretty solid introduction though.

    I find often that parts of the scene are not built with nonbinary people in mind, which can be incredibly frustrating – it’s not like we’re a new concept, people who are not part of the binary have always existed – but more and more I am starting to see people cotton on.
    Sometimes I encounter odd little things though, I signed up to Smuttyfy recently (feel free to send me a friend request!) and was very happy to see there was an “other” option in the flip down menu for gender during sign up, but then found it pretty odd that my newsfeed said things like “Mxtressvalleycat updated his profile picture”, it seems a little odd to me to default to he/him pronouns when they/them exists (or an even better option that always fills me with good feelings for a site is a write in option or a flip down for pronouns!).

    20171111 181654 225x300 - Domming Whilst Nonbinary
    People who insist on using she/her pronouns for me or calling me a woman even after I have explained otherwise will not get far with me, if you cannot even show me the basic respect of getting that right, how am I supposed to think of you in any way as someone who could be a good submissive?
    If you have done this in the past, but want to apologise you can do so here by paying my $100 missgendering fee.

  • cum for my feet - All About My Foot Fetish All About My Foot Fetish

    Cum For My Feet 24 300x169 - All About My Foot Fetish

    You know it’s really funny, but I used to hate my feet. You may have noticed but I have quite big feet, I wear a UK 8 / EU 42 / US 10 and it used to be quite hard to get pretty shoes that I liked in my size, I still fairly regularly end up disappointed to find that a shoe line I like ends at the size below mine, but it is a little easier than it used to be thankfully.
    I thought my feet being too big for pretty shoes meant that they were too big to be pretty, and I started to perceive my feet as ugly. I hid them in trainers and very rarely wore sandals or went barefoot, the thought of someone touching them freaked me out.

    It’s quite amusing now that one of the things I’m most known for now is my giant feet, which have previously been such a stumbling block for me but a combination of meeting someone who adores my feet and discovering that there is nothing quite as relaxing as having my feet rubbed at the end of a long day in high heels changed my mind.

    Up Close and Personal with Mxtress Feet 22 300x169 - All About My Foot Fetish
    I still didn’t think when I first started making clips that my feet would get me anywhere though. It seemed that Foot fetish was a very over subscribed category and more than that it seemed that everybody popular in that section had dainty little feet, I didn’t think there’d be room for my huge pies.
    Yet one of my early runaway successes was a poorly lit clip that was recorded on a whim, in a hotel room after I had been walking all day and my ankles swelled up.
    I soon learned that for all the dainty little feet around, some of you really like bigger feet, and those can be hard to find, because much like in my case bigger footed femmes (I notice it seems to be the reverse for masc performers), have been made to feel that our big feet are ugly or unseemly for our whole lives, and so we hide them away. It was strangely empowering to realise that, actually my feet are beautiful, and even though a lot of shoe manufacturers haven’t yet caught on, I deserve all of the pretty shoes, and then all of the relaxing foot rubs. It gives me such a self esteem boost to realise that a part
    of me I found so ugly for so long, is longed to be worshipped by so many of you.
    Now I am at peace with my beautiful feet.
    Take a look yourself and see why I learned to love them:

    big feet ignore 300x169 - All About My Foot Fetish
    Big Feet Ignore

    No frills and no unnecessary talking! You just get to take in the beauty of my big feet while I play with my phone!

    cum for my feet 300x169 - All About My Foot Fetish
    Cum For My Feet

    A gothic, JOI clip that’s all about my fabulous feet, I know you can’t resist them…

    As always you can find all of my clips at:
    And if you enjoy my work you can send me a gift here:

  • Office Bitch Tights Tease 05 - How The Pandemic Changed Things For Me How The Pandemic Changed Things For Me

    Office Bitch Tights Tease 05 300x169 - How The Pandemic Changed Things For Me

    It’s a cliché introduction by now I suppose, but it’s a year now since the pandemic threw a spanner in all of my plans.
    I had such dreams last year of travelling around the country and shooting lots of content with other creators, I’d started making more collaborative clips in 2019 and had big plans to do more and then instead, got trapped at home.
    Oddly despite this, I think I’ve actually ended up making some of my best content this year strangely enough, instead of travelling I’ve become more experimental with POV clips, and as a result I’ve explored new fetishes and found new fans for it, to you I say thank you for the support and for helping me find fun new fetishes.

    Solovair Boots on the cockboard 03 300x300 - How The Pandemic Changed Things For Me
    I have been quite lucky in that I haven’t had to completely work on my own the whole time, my husband eyemblacksheep has stepped up (or lain down in most cases) and we have made some pretty cool clips together, I have some up already on my stores and he has some on his over at Domestic Femdom
    We have also managed to pick up some equipment to make up for the fact we’ve been unable to visit dungeons in the past year, so while we don’t have room at home for a St Andrews Cross or a Fetters wheel, we do now own our own trampling board (which I have found that I really enjoy using!), a set of stocks and a green screen, the latter of which I am hoping will add another level to my Halloween clips this year.

    Crushed in My Hell Loop 15 300x169 - How The Pandemic Changed Things For Me
    I’ve found this year that the clips I have been commissioned to make have generally been a little longer than the ones ordered in previous years, and I feel this is probably because you are missing being able to go out and about as much as I do, and want more time to connect and indulge, and while I am happy to make shorter clips, I find that longer clips have been giving me more time to fully develop your ideas into film. I have also been finding more repeat commissioners, which has been great because I find the more I work with someone, the more I understand how they tick and each clips ends up being better than the last, I love to hear feedback on this by the way, not only for the ego boost but because it helps me develop future ideas, and it’s helpful to know what works well. You can find out how to order your own custom clip here.

    I’m not going to deny it has been a strange one, but this year has been surprisingly silver lined, I’m still excited to be vaccinated so that I can get out and collaborate with other people and enjoy fetish clubs again though.
    While you’re here you might like the following clips:

    cucked by covid 19 300x169 - How The Pandemic Changed Things For Me

    Cucked By Covid19 A clip I did at the start of the pandemic inspired by people all getting stuck in different houses.

    sensual scratching 300x169 - How The Pandemic Changed Things For Me

    Sensual Scratching – In which I test out my new long stiletto nails on eyemblacksheep’s back!

  • cagedforritual - The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year! The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

    The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

    This year has been a strange one for a lot of us, all of our plans have gone to pot so to speak and nothing has quite gone as planned.
    Hopefully things will start to look up soon, but personally I (and by default you) am still looking forward to spooky season.
    Halloween is my most favourite time of the year, I find it a very fun time but also a very inspiring time and    as those of you who have followed me for a while
    will know over October I post one clip every single day for the whole month!
    I have plenty of tricks and treats in store for you this year and I am so excited to share them.
    Below are a few stills I have picked out from upcoming clips:

    fleshpuppet 300x169 - The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!witchinfishnet 300x169 - The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!cagedforritual 300x169 - The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!concubuschastity 300x169 - The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

    These and many more will be appearing from the ether on Femmedom.club, iwantvalleycat.com, MxtressValleycat.manyvids.com and all of my other platforms in
    the next 31 days and I am sure you will find something to take your mind off the rest of this year and enjoy

  • mabon2 - Weekly Clip Round Up September 21st - 27th 2020 Weekly Clip Round Up September 21st – 27th 2020

    Coming this week to my clipstores:
    and all of my other platforms!

    September 21st -Mabon Worship 
    mabon2 300x169 - Weekly Clip Round Up September 21st - 27th 2020
    Worship your favourite Goddess in celebration of this spoke on the Witches’ Wheel of Seasons

    September 22nd – A Pint With A Creamy Head

    creamyhead2 300x169 - Weekly Clip Round Up September 21st - 27th 2020

    Non-gendered Jerk Off Instructions for anybody with the means to pull a refreshing pint on a hot day!

    September 24th – Making You Obsessed With Me

    obsessedwithme 300x169 - Weekly Clip Round Up September 21st - 27th 2020

    Just listen to the sound of my voice as I mesmerise you with my hypnotic tones

    September 25th – Your Wife’s Best Friend

    wifes friend 1 300x169 - Weekly Clip Round Up September 21st - 27th 2020

    I’ve seen you lusting after me over the mashed potatoes, what do you think my best friend, your wife would say if I told her?

    September 26th – Hand Licking

    handlicking2 300x169 - Weekly Clip Round Up September 21st - 27th 2020
    Building your obsession with my long, spindly fingers…

    While you wait for your favourite to go live, I think you’ll like these clips too:

    Kiss My Fat Nonbinary Arse

    20171015 160024 225x300 - Weekly Clip Round Up September 21st - 27th 2020


    I know you love my beautiful big bum. Why don’t you get a little closer, give it a kiss. You’d love to, I know it.

    Jerk Off Punishment For Perv
    119898964 4603514133055504 5672818387320520383 n 300x169 - Weekly Clip Round Up September 21st - 27th 2020

    You’ve been spending time looking through social media looking for photos of pretty Goths to masturbate over, but you filthy perv, these aren’t people who consented! But, I’ve caught you – and I’m going to punish you.

    Mesmerised Into Buying Me Boots
    119966538 654826135450515 855827638801023273 n 300x169 - Weekly Clip Round Up September 21st - 27th 2020

    I’d like some new boots – I can never have enough boots… by the end of the clip you will want to buy me some.

  • dahliadoubletwitteroptimised - Doubles Day with Princess Dahlia Doubles Day with Princess Dahlia

    dahliadoubles 220x300 - Doubles Day with Princess DahliaBig news everyone.   February 18th I’m going to be part of a special day of Domination with my good friend Princess Dahlia

    This will take place in her premises in Hartlepool.

    We will be bringing together our joint forces, it’s an exciting (and rare!) opportunity to serve two big beautiful Goddesses.

    We will consider a range of fetishes and interested including, but not limited to; foot worship, corporal punishment, tease and denial, shoe/boot worship, tickling,  wax play, CBT, bondage….

    Because this a day we have planned together, we are doing this at a special tribute rate.  Please get in touch for more information.
    A minimum booking of 1 hour is required for this and a deposit is essential.

    Princess Dahlia and I await your attendance.

    Apply to me at : worshipme@mxtressvalleycat.com or use my contact form

  • 75302646 2516632375059215 8936392432489070592 n 1 - Filming with Foxtress : Subs wanted Filming with Foxtress : Subs wanted

    75302646 2516632375059215 8936392432489070592 n 300x300 - Filming with Foxtress : Subs wanted

    Big news everyone.   December 13th I’m coming to London for a filming day with the wonderful Foxtress.

    I’m really looking forward to filming with Foxtress – we met earlier this year and had a great time.  We bounce off together really well and subs are sure to have a great time.

    We have availability for filming subs to apply for consideration of being part of the day.

    I know many subs have been asking to film with me – and here is a chance – and – Foxtress is amazing, so this is a real treat.

    A wide range of fetishes will be considered on the day.  You may also have the choice of wearing a mask should you require.

    If you wish to be considered please send a respectful email to Foxtress introducing yourself and stating your key interests and limits along with availability on the day.

    The tribute is £100 (unmasked) or £150 (if you wish to be masked)

    She can be contacted at : the-foxtress@outlook.com

  • 10pctlandscape - 10% off at Clips4Sale 10% off at Clips4Sale

    10pct 200x300 - 10% off at Clips4SaleWell – I come baring some great news.

    Clips4Sale have a site-wide initiative at the moment which means using their referral code you can receive 10% off your clip order when using the advanced search.

    I really like the advanced search – it’s a much easier way to find the type of content you want.

    The offer runs until April 20th and is applicable to any store.

    To make your life easier – I’ve embedded the referral code into my domain – so all you have to do is visit femmedom.club 

    C4S has had many initiatives for store owners, but this one is solely for those buying clips – what I get out of it is more people get to enjoy my clips a little cheaper – so, if you’ve sat on the fence or not been able to afford some – now is you chance.

    I have LOTS of new content and more coming VERY soon – I’m currently uploading 3 clips per week across a number of themes.  Coming very soon is some double-domme clips and some more with different subs, as well as POVs.

    So. Check out the store and enjoy.