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  • cum for my feet - All About My Foot Fetish All About My Foot Fetish

    Cum For My Feet 24 300x169 - All About My Foot Fetish

    You know it’s really funny, but I used to hate my feet. You may have noticed but I have quite big feet, I wear a UK 8 / EU 42 / US 10 and it used to be quite hard to get pretty shoes that I liked in my size, I still fairly regularly end up disappointed to find that a shoe line I like ends at the size below mine, but it is a little easier than it used to be thankfully.
    I thought my feet being too big for pretty shoes meant that they were too big to be pretty, and I started to perceive my feet as ugly. I hid them in trainers and very rarely wore sandals or went barefoot, the thought of someone touching them freaked me out.

    It’s quite amusing now that one of the things I’m most known for now is my giant feet, which have previously been such a stumbling block for me but a combination of meeting someone who adores my feet and discovering that there is nothing quite as relaxing as having my feet rubbed at the end of a long day in high heels changed my mind.

    Up Close and Personal with Mxtress Feet 22 300x169 - All About My Foot Fetish
    I still didn’t think when I first started making clips that my feet would get me anywhere though. It seemed that Foot fetish was a very over subscribed category and more than that it seemed that everybody popular in that section had dainty little feet, I didn’t think there’d be room for my huge pies.
    Yet one of my early runaway successes was a poorly lit clip that was recorded on a whim, in a hotel room after I had been walking all day and my ankles swelled up.
    I soon learned that for all the dainty little feet around, some of you really like bigger feet, and those can be hard to find, because much like in my case bigger footed femmes (I notice it seems to be the reverse for masc performers), have been made to feel that our big feet are ugly or unseemly for our whole lives, and so we hide them away. It was strangely empowering to realise that, actually my feet are beautiful, and even though a lot of shoe manufacturers haven’t yet caught on, I deserve all of the pretty shoes, and then all of the relaxing foot rubs. It gives me such a self esteem boost to realise that a part
    of me I found so ugly for so long, is longed to be worshipped by so many of you.
    Now I am at peace with my beautiful feet.
    Take a look yourself and see why I learned to love them:

    big feet ignore 300x169 - All About My Foot Fetish
    Big Feet Ignore

    No frills and no unnecessary talking! You just get to take in the beauty of my big feet while I play with my phone!

    cum for my feet 300x169 - All About My Foot Fetish
    Cum For My Feet

    A gothic, JOI clip that’s all about my fabulous feet, I know you can’t resist them…

    As always you can find all of my clips at:
    And if you enjoy my work you can send me a gift here:

  • doubles - Newcastle Sessions : Oct 14-18 with Penny Banks Newcastle Sessions : Oct 14-18 with Penny Banks

    doubles 300x212 - Newcastle Sessions : Oct 14-18 with Penny Banks

    I’m pleased to announce I will be offering sessions in a Central location of Newcastle during October 14-18.

    But, there’s more.  I’ll also be with a friend.    The wonderful Penny Banks is touring at the moment and so she is also available for solo sessions… or duos with me.

    Penny is able to offer a range of sessions : whilst Splosh isn’t my bag I know it’s popular and so this is a good chance for a Splosh in Newcastle.   She’s also available for a range of BDSM and fetish bookings, alongside escort also.

    Myself, well, I hope you’d know what I can offer!  All manner and ranges of Domination, BDSM, Foot Fetish – and hey, I can even be available for Cash Point Meets.

    As well as being available for sessions; we will also be filming – we’re not certain if filming slaves will be required – but, if you’ve any customs you’d like to book in – get them in!

    We’re also both offering special rates for this tour – contact either of us to book.  Booking Form.

    Contact Me

    Contact Penny


  • straitfeet1 - Behind the Scenes Sneak Peek... StraitJacket fun Behind the Scenes Sneak Peek… StraitJacket fun


    I don’t put too many of these videos up, but, thought I would as a little teaser of what is coming…  I recently bought a new jacket for my sub, a nice comfy one that gives him a permanent hug – haha – I strapped him and we did 5 clips, which are coming over the next 4 weeks (there’s of course a foot clip, so you get two that week.)

    Do stay tuned to my clip stores for the updates….

    Download or stream for free here


  • 0080 V1v - July Clip Round Up July Clip Round Up

    July was a very hectic month for releasing new content.   It’s been good to be able to release so much, so often – and there’s plenty more to come soon.

    I’ve included some selected stills – and also brief descriptions of each new clip below.

    0210 z0E 300x169 - July Clip Round Up

    Smelly Stripey Socks


    It’s been a long day, my socks are soaking with sweat – my feet are sweaty. Lots of close ups.

    A Distracting Work-Out


    I both make my sub work out… and distract him! Sit ups with CBT – pressups with foot worship!

    0140 US3 300x169 - July Clip Round UpFoot Worship in Bondage0155 29W 300x169 - July Clip Round Up


    I have my sub trapped in a secure bodybag – try make the most of this predicament I taunt him with my feet

    Breath through Stockings


    I place my sweaty stockings into a gas mask, fit it nice and secure… there, all you breath is me!

    0150 Nmy 300x169 - July Clip Round UpBodybag Facesitting


    With my sub still tied in the bag, now to make use of pushing my huge arse in his small face.

    Playing with Bubbles Instead of You


    You want to play. I want to blow bubbles at you. Guess which one of us wins?

    0065 XMb 300x169 - July Clip Round Up

    Big Boobs and Big Bubbles0030 mx4 300x169 - July Clip Round Up


    I’m forever blowing bubbles…. even bigger ones than before… and this clip has some teases of my boobs.

    Let’s Rub Undercuts


    We all know that queer sex is when two or more of us meet up and rub undercuts… let’s do it.0130 wKd 300x169 - July Clip Round Up

    0045 l28 300x169 - July Clip Round Up

    Ignoring you as I vape


    You want attention, I want to vape. So, I’m just going to ignore you until I’m done.

    Playing with my watersnake


    A little fun video with a very phallic watersnake – squishing and playing with it…

    Shoe Tease and a Sexy Harness0275 6di 300x169 - July Clip Round Up0080 V1v 300x169 - July Clip Round Up


    A foot tease clip involving some massaging – and a very lovely new harness.

    Unicorn Edging


    Sub still trapped in the body bag, time to edge with my new Unicorn Vibrator

  • Dg RnsoXcAAPjmX - June Round Up June Round Up

    Dg4URQNUYAEudnX 300x169 - June Round UpJune saw six new clips from me, 4 POVs and 2 with slave.

    I haven’t done a preview/trailer for these – or at least, not yet, but there’s a run down below.

    The direct links take you to Clips4Sale, but don’t forget these are all also available on both my iWantClips and ManyVids studios.

    Even My Dick is Bigger than your Ding Ding – a SPH POV where I show off that my collection of dildos and strapons are much bigger and more satisfying than your little ding ding
    Get Ready With Me – a really long clip in which I get ready.  Includes hair brushing, head shaving, make up application and a little bit ASMR.
    Pretty Peg CBT – I’ve a collection of colourful cartoon pegs – and they’re so pretty!  They look so lovely pinned and clipped on my subs balls!  He doesn’t think so…
    Destined to Breathe My Smoke – A Vaping POV in which you said I could do anything to you.  Well, all I want to do is blow smoke in your face and laugh at you!
    Edging My Slut – a nice and long edging and teasing clip with more helpless slut tied to the bed… will I allow him release?
    Smelly Stripey Socks – This was filmed at around 3am after a long day at a gig and then a club.  I share the smell of my socks and feet with you.  You can see just how damp they are on camera!  There are lots of lovely close-ups of my lovely feet (the pic above is a screenshot from the video)!

  • 0060 VFu - Trailer : Cheerleader Tryouts Trailer : Cheerleader Tryouts


    Continuing my series of trailers and samples… the Cheerleader Tryouts

    This was a fun set of 3 clips which were released in April.

    The synopsis is simple – I want my sub to impress me with try outs as a cheerleader.   This contains a lot of humiliation, but also – well – you have to be useful in other ways – like cleaning the shoes of coach, or sucking cock…

    You can view full versions of all the clips from this link here.

    or view my whole clip store here.



  • 29251116 10160052652610043 121528740 o - Meet Your New Boss : Free Trailer Meet Your New Boss : Free Trailer


    Back in March I put out a series of videos entitled ‘Meet Your New Boss’.  I’m pleased to say these have been very popular, there are plans to continue the series.

    The set up was a 4 part series (2 POV, 2 with slave) where you (and co-workers) return to work to find I am your new boss. And… it’s now a Femme-Led work place, there’s going to be some changes…

    I’ve put together a trailer/preview for the 4 existing clips. You can enjoy some (very) selected highlights and you can see what you’re missing.  You can view that below.

    The clips can be purchased from my store – this link should automatically filter to themor click here for full store.



  • 0225 jpi - April Clips Round Up April Clips Round Up


    April Round Up

    0225 jpi 300x169 - April Clips Round Up

    I’ve again stuck to release clips (at least) weekly throughout April and so there are 5 new clips you can buy from your choice of platforms.   The below hyperlinks all link to my Clips4Sale store, but you can also find the clips in ManyVids or iWantClips – whatever your favourite platform is.

    I will start by doing a round up of some of the stand alone clips.

    3 Slaves for Punishment I go into my dungeon and there are 1, 2, 3 ah ah ah, slaves just waiting to be punished.  Ooh. Decisions.
    Breaking in New Stable Boy – A scene with a new sub, our first solo clip together.  I ease him in gentle with a mix of sensation play, some grooming and… well.. the odd bit crop and flog.  We can’t have it too easy…
    Dungeon Tour (POV) – A literal POV clip as I take you on a guide through the dungeon. I strap you to implements – giving a few hits. I tease you with my feet before  leaning you over the spanking bench… a lot of fun!

    Cheerleader Trials

    0060 VFu 300x169 - April Clips Round Up

    I also released another multi-part series.  Ready for the Spring is Cheerleader Try outs.27657199 10159935164880335 7124181304470450368 n 297x300 - April Clips Round Up
    In Part 1 – my slave has turned up for football try-outs, but I’ve changed my mind and he’s now doing cheerleader try outs!   Lots of humiliation and dancing for my pleasure.
    Part 2 – we know getting on the team isn’t just based on talent.  So, I invite him to try to prove his place on the team by worshipping my shoes and feet.
    Part 3 – this is actually being released on Thursday , so do keep an eye on my store – but I will let you in on what happens next… how else should my lovely cheerleader get on the team but by sucking cock….


  • FL IMG 5257 - March Round Up March Round Up

    FL IMG 5257 200x300 - March Round UpIt’s been a busy time recently – lots on the go, so here’s a round up of some of the clips I put out in March.

    Firstly, some stand alone clips.

    Stable Boot Licker – A boot worship scene with some dusty, hay-covered boots.
    Fun With Balloons – a must for any looner fans!
    Demonstrating Electronics – I have a new sub to zap!!!
    Giant Goddess Swats You Away – I’m tall enough at the best of times!  Add in some platforms and I rocket well above 6 foot!

    Meet Your New Boss

    Also in March, I put out a series of Office Clips.  The clips tell a story.
    In part 1 (Meet Your New Boss) this is a POV clip where you get to work and find I am now your boss.  There’s going to be changes!  Part 2 (Annual Appraisal) is another POV going through your, frankly dreadful, appraisal.
    Part 3 (Under Desk  Loser) contains a member of staff who has been slacking and is trying to improve his score by becoming my office bitch.  In this clip I have him inhaling my 29251116 10160052652610043 121528740 o 300x200 - March Round Upstockings after a long day, 5.15pm on a Friday.
    Part 4 (Office Bitch Paints My Nails) has him come in 7am on a Monday just to paint my nails!

    Perhaps in the future we will have more in this series.

    In the meantime, the stockings wore in this clip haven’t been washed and are available to purchase.  I haven’t added them to my store yet – so if you’re interested and make me a good offer, then perhaps we can deal direct.

  • 20161114 093000 e1503935981415 - A Taste of Things to Come A Taste of Things to Come

    Hello, Happy New Year.

    I hope you have all had fun over the festive break.   Whilst I’ve had a wonderful and relaxing time, I have had some of my subs and helpers working away for me – and there’s a whole bunch of exciting news to come very soon.

    Read on…

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