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  • buttplugs - Is Your Buttplug Trying To Poison You? Is Your Buttplug Trying To Poison You?

    buttplugs 300x119 - Is Your Buttplug Trying To Poison You?

    I’ve noticed a lot more Aliexpress reselling going on recently and it has me kind of worried as 99% of said re-sellers don’t mention that they’re re-sellers (well duh! Why would they tell you that when you could just quite easily then go buy that £30 crop for £2.50 with free shipping?), and more importantly what said items are made from.

    I did have a big post written out, but then I found this and it’s better written and more detailed so why invent the wheel?

    TL;dr please make damn sure you know what you’re putting in your body.

    That’s not to say everything on Aliexpress/Wish/DHGate/Taobao/ etc should be treated as toxic waste, external use items can be ok (avoid make up though as it often contains chemicals and scary amounts of lead that are banned in the UK and if you’re against animal testing it’s worth noting that by law in China all make up made and sold over there has to be tested on animals, therefore make up sold on sites like these will have been animal tested), although they don’t often last as long as they tend to be mass produced in large productions with the cheapest available materials (well they have to be at that price) rather than in small batches.


  • The Bisexual Leaflets – Memoirs of a Mystery Shopper


    When I was a teenager (much like now actually) I would pretty much do anything for a laugh, which is basically how I ended up mystery shopping sexual health clinics.

    Mystery Shopping is basically when a company wants to make sure everything is running smoothly with their company without just sending the boss around and everybody being on their best behaviour, they send some random in who checks things out and then gets something free (in this case I got condoms and lube, yay paaaaaarty! Hahaha seriously though I was single at the time and I think most of the condoms went out of date before I started going out with anybody who could use them), and/ or is traumatised out of ever mystery shopping again (as happened to a guy I knew who was also mystery shopping sexual health clinics).

    Anyhow, we were given some brief training to prepare (hahahahahahahahhahahaha) us, and then given our days and dropped off around the corner from whatever clinic we were going to by someone who would then wait in their car until we came back, either with a thousand yard stare, or laughing so hard we couldn’t breathe.

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