March Round Up

FL IMG 5257 200x300 - March Round UpIt’s been a busy time recently – lots on the go, so here’s a round up of some of the clips I put out in March.

Firstly, some stand alone clips.

Stable Boot Licker – A boot worship scene with some dusty, hay-covered boots.
Fun With Balloons – a must for any looner fans!
Demonstrating Electronics – I have a new sub to zap!!!
Giant Goddess Swats You Away – I’m tall enough at the best of times!  Add in some platforms and I rocket well above 6 foot!

Meet Your New Boss

Also in March, I put out a series of Office Clips.  The clips tell a story.
In part 1 (Meet Your New Boss) this is a POV clip where you get to work and find I am now your boss.  There’s going to be changes!  Part 2 (Annual Appraisal) is another POV going through your, frankly dreadful, appraisal.
Part 3 (Under Desk  Loser) contains a member of staff who has been slacking and is trying to improve his score by becoming my office bitch.  In this clip I have him inhaling my 29251116 10160052652610043 121528740 o 300x200 - March Round Upstockings after a long day, 5.15pm on a Friday.
Part 4 (Office Bitch Paints My Nails) has him come in 7am on a Monday just to paint my nails!

Perhaps in the future we will have more in this series.

In the meantime, the stockings wore in this clip haven’t been washed and are available to purchase.  I haven’t added them to my store yet – so if you’re interested and make me a good offer, then perhaps we can deal direct.