July Clip Round Up

July was a very hectic month for releasing new content.   It’s been good to be able to release so much, so often – and there’s plenty more to come soon.

I’ve included some selected stills – and also brief descriptions of each new clip below.

0210 z0E 300x169 - July Clip Round Up

Smelly Stripey Socks


It’s been a long day, my socks are soaking with sweat – my feet are sweaty. Lots of close ups.

A Distracting Work-Out


I both make my sub work out… and distract him! Sit ups with CBT – pressups with foot worship!

0140 US3 300x169 - July Clip Round UpFoot Worship in Bondage0155 29W 300x169 - July Clip Round Up


I have my sub trapped in a secure bodybag – try make the most of this predicament I taunt him with my feet

Breath through Stockings


I place my sweaty stockings into a gas mask, fit it nice and secure… there, all you breath is me!

0150 Nmy 300x169 - July Clip Round UpBodybag Facesitting


With my sub still tied in the bag, now to make use of pushing my huge arse in his small face.

Playing with Bubbles Instead of You


You want to play. I want to blow bubbles at you. Guess which one of us wins?

0065 XMb 300x169 - July Clip Round Up

Big Boobs and Big Bubbles0030 mx4 300x169 - July Clip Round Up


I’m forever blowing bubbles…. even bigger ones than before… and this clip has some teases of my boobs.

Let’s Rub Undercuts


We all know that queer sex is when two or more of us meet up and rub undercuts… let’s do it.0130 wKd 300x169 - July Clip Round Up

0045 l28 300x169 - July Clip Round Up

Ignoring you as I vape


You want attention, I want to vape. So, I’m just going to ignore you until I’m done.

Playing with my watersnake


A little fun video with a very phallic watersnake – squishing and playing with it…

Shoe Tease and a Sexy Harness0275 6di 300x169 - July Clip Round Up0080 V1v 300x169 - July Clip Round Up


A foot tease clip involving some massaging – and a very lovely new harness.

Unicorn Edging


Sub still trapped in the body bag, time to edge with my new Unicorn Vibrator