Every Day Is Halloween

IMG 5187 300x200 - Every Day Is Halloween

Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year.

Whilst it has been and gone, but never fear it will come again. Until then you can still enjoy the clips I filmed for this Halloween.

This year I filmed four clips and had one photoset taken (from which the above photo comes). The videos can now also be bought bundled together with a very special extra clip (everybody say “Oooh!”).

I’m very pleased with how the clips and photos came out. I had been planning them almost since I started making clips at the start of the summer.  As cliche as it sounds I am a huge fan of all things Halloween.


Halloween Shrinking Spell is a POV, in which I catch you creeping on me, and decide to punish you by shrinking you into insignificance.

Enchanted Foot Worship is also a POV, this time I get you to kiss, lick and worship my feet, will it be a trick or a treat?

Enchanted Foot Spell is a similar concept, though not POV, will eyemblacksheep suffer or get a reward?

The Ageing Spell follows on from The Shrinking Spell and is another POV, did you really think shrinking was the only torture I had in mind for useless peeping Toms?

Devil’s Toenails is a Halloween themed photoset taken at Studiof2-8 and taken by Marshall Photography.