Ignoring Useless Foot Rest, Kiss My Fat Non-Binary Arse, Clean My Dirty Feet and Chasity To Work


Hello everyone, I’ve been very busy recently producing and releasing new clips. I would like to give you all a little round up of some of the recent ones I’ve released….

ignore fetish

Ignore Fetish

Ignoring useless foot rest is a clip we made what seems like forever ago! I like to mix things up a bit and not upload a whole bunch of clips that were made together all at once. This one was surely worth the wait!

In this clip I tried to read a reddit thread about carrots, but eyemblacksheep wanted attention, did I give it to him?

Well you’ll have to watch it to find out won’t you 😉


kiss my non binary arse

Kiss My Fat Non Binary Arse

I had these panties custom printed, in a twist of delicious irony they were actually too small and I ended up having to modify them ( sewing is a very useful skill for everybody to have) in order to make them actually fit my fat non-binary arse!

After going to all of that trouble I decided that it would be rude not to do an arse (or ass across the pond) worship clip. Possibly the closest you’ll get to actually kissing my fat, non-binary arse. Very much a one for those of you who like big butts (and cannot lie, otherwise punishments!).


pain palace

Clean my dirty feet

Another one filmed in The Pain Palace, this one starts out with me ringing for attention! 

You don’t want to leave me with my feet uncleaned after my fun day in the dungeon do you?


husband in chastity

You will wear chastity to work!

Chastity To Work is from my most recent filming day, featuring my husband eyemblacksheep, this clip was described by Madam Cruella as a glimpse into the Catsheep household!

I thought I’d help my husband up his productivity at work.  I thought by stopping him from nipping off to the loo to knock one out, he’d do more. Let’s not forget I’m a huge unrepentant tease! So I sent him plenty of sexy selfies throughout the day! And then when he got home? That’s when the real fun began!

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