Tormenting My Slave With Electrics

corset 231x300 - Tormenting My Slave With Electrics

In this weeks video, also filmed at Worcester’s Pain Palace Studios you get to see the fun I had with eyemblacksheep and a real antique, Violet Wand.

I love electroplay, it’s one of my favourites. I love the look of the sparks, the sound of crackling.  With Violet Wands in particular I love the smell of ozone they leave lingering for a while afterwards.  So of course when I spotted the wooden box beside the medical bed,  I knew I had to look!

Vintage Wand

Up until then I had only played with modern wands, we ourselves have a Dr. Clockwork solid state wand, but neither of us had ever played with a vintage wand and it was quite the experience!

wand 300x300 - Tormenting My Slave With Electrics

There only being three electrodes felt limiting at first, but there was a larger range of intensities.  With a Dr Clockwork I’d had much less. It wound up being rather a lot of fun indeed!

You can see how got on in this week’s video “Tormenting My Slave With Electrics” available in all of my usual clip stores, and in the clips tab above.