Student and Newcomer iWantClips codes

markups 683x1024 - Student and Newcomer iWantClips codes

Like many performers I get contacted by people who ask for discounts due to being students, newcomers or simply skint.

After careful consideration I have decided to offer some special codes JUST FOR THEM.

Of course…. obviously there’s no way for me to validate if you really are a student or new, so I’m trusting your honesty at input.

So – here is what you need to do.

  1. Read the flyer on this page very carefully.
  2. Follow this link to my iWantClips store.
  3. Fill your basket with any of my clips you would like.
  4. Use the code on the flyer at check out – so ‘student’ if you claim to be a student, ‘newbie’ if you claim to be new or ‘imbroke’ if you claim to be skint.
  5. Adjustments will be made at the check out.
  6. Spend away.
  7. For those of you feeling particularly generous – using the code illdoanything triples the cost of your basket, so, some easy Findom should you want it.
  8. Please, of course, like I say – read the flyer carefully as mistakes cannot be rectified later.
  9. Enjoy. I hope you enjoy my iWantClips codes.