I’m House Dominant and Play L8

flyer 2 orig 300x212 - I'm House Dominant and Play L8

Play L8 is a new fetish event in Newcastle, launching on 13th October at Shhh Club in Base.

It’s organised by the team who also organise Liber8, which is one of my favourite fetish events.  (I had a great time last month with a line of bums to beat).


Now, Liber8 is more of your fetish party, it’s about the music and the dress – and there is of course play.  But it’s a fetish party.

Play L8 will be more play orientated.  More dedicated play spaces, more relax on the rules on what play is allowed. Music down lower.  You get the vibe.

Anyway.  I will be one of the House Dominants.

Tickets are available from the Liber8 website.

If you have a ticket you may also use the contact page on the Liber8 website to arrange time with either myself or one of the other House Dominants (Ms Xena, Ms Noble Hart, Terror Twin or TomKat)

However you must have a ticket and slots must be arranged in advance.  They’re already filling up!

I won’t be offering everything I do in a session – but I’ll certainly give you a bit of a beating!

There’s also a bit more info on what is on offer from the Fetlife Thread.