Filming Collaborators and Slaves Wanted!

It’s been nearly a year since I first started filming.  This has already taken me on many little adventures and introduced me to some wonderful people.  Presently I have quite a large collection of clips available and quite a large stockpile I’ll be releasing in the coming weeks.

This also means I will be scheduling more filming days in the future.

This has two different directions and two different lines of more people I’d been keen to meet and work with.

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Filming collaborators and slaves wanted

I’m interested in working with other producers.  Be it individuals in a similar boat to myself, or existing studios.  If there are opportunities we can both help each other with – let’s make it happen.

Depending on the opportunity I can travel. Or alternatively we can use the studio I’ve been using for many of my clips.

Film Slaves

Yes, a few of you have enquired and I’m hoping to build up a contact list for consideration.  I’ll detail more below – but previous filming experience is NOT necessary. However experience within BDSM is necessary.

There may be a small tribute or deposit required to secure your place.  I expect to be doing most filming in the studio in Darlington.  For people further afield it is on the East Coast Mainline.  I may consider other locations in the future but obviously this puts up my costs and doesn’t really increase my revenue.  But see what makes sense.

If you wish to wear a mask or cover tattoos etc. then this is fine, one can be provided but it may be easier if you can bring your own.

Who I’m Looking For

In both cases I am happy to work with people of any gender or sexual identity.  I am, however, likely to prioritise fellow non-binary and/or genderqueer folx.  The porn world is often quite binary, I’m not. I’d like to work with other people who also aren’t.

I like working with people who are vocal in clips. Responding when I do something to them. I know some people like to try to keep quiet, I don’t like fake dramatics, but I do like a response.

Content I’m likely to make

Some of my favourites to film include foot worship, impact play, sensation play, humiliation and the odd thing that’s a bit different here or there.  I will only do things on camera I have practised safely off camera. Safety and consent is paramount to me.  However, of course if part of a collaboration, some knowledge share is always beneficial.

Do check out my clipstore (link) for examples of what I’m about, so far…

When I’m likely to make it

There’s no dates solid in mind, at the moment I just want to open this into engagement to finding reliable people who may wish to film with me.

If you’re interested…

Email me –

If you’re looking on collaboration show me what you do and talk about what you have in mind.   If you’re a sub/slave then let me know where you’re based and what your interests are.