31 clips for 31 days of Hallowe’en

So, I set myself a challenge on getting a Hallowe’en clip out every day in October

And I passed successfully – what a ride it has been. Plenty of POVs but also some collaborations with Penny Banks, Miss Abigail and, of course, eyemblacksheep

You can find all of the clips on clips4sale , iwantclips or ManyVids

But I’ve listed 10 of my favourites below (so hard to pick!)

You summoned the wrong demonpumkin nails 2 300x169 - 31 clips for 31 days of Hallowe'en

you tried a magic spell for a sex demon – but, I wasn’t the type of nympho you were expecting! I’ve arrived to torment you and make you my slave
There were others in this mini-series, but this is the first.

My Ass Behind the Glass

Which won a prize on iWantClips
I create a magic shield of glass – and taunt you with my bum – you want to touch and kiss, but can’t get past!

Drink the unholy wine from my flesh

Out in the woods, I serve you wine as part of your devotion to me, but, you must drink it from my feet and legs.

Face sitting and edging devotion

My slave is going through a routine for his devotion – this is the last part in which he undergoes rigorous facesitting and edging. Needless to say there’s an explosive and sacrilegious ending!

Dpuu z WkAEjAS7 300x225 - 31 clips for 31 days of Hallowe'enMagically enhanced ball busting

I’m going to punish you with ballbusting, but, I’m magically enchancing my boots so that each kick hurts far far more than you could imagine

Transforming you into my sister

I’m going to dress you up and make you up to be just like me! You can be my sister in the coven!

Broom spanking punishment

Penny Banks has been eating my gingerbread house! I punish her with a spanking with a broom!

Gunge & Slime apple bobbingapple2 300x209 - 31 clips for 31 days of Hallowe'en

Hallowe’en games with Penny Banks – I have her bobbing for apples in a bucket of slime… I have great fun dunking her head under the slime!

Waxing two Female Slaves

Miss Abigail and Penny Banks are to become the canvas for my candle art!

Hallowe’en pumpkin nails

And finally… a clip for nail fetishists as I show off my pumpkin nails!

Do check these out and many others from my October series.

There’s even more to come in November!